Sri L Catering popping up in London – Come along to the next one?

Sri L Catering - mutton rolls, fish pattis, shorteats, starters

The girls of Sri L Catering successfully hosted their first Sri Lankan pop up restaurant in London on 21st May 2016. The seats sold out in a week and we served a gorgeous authentic 4 course menu with an arrack cocktail. The reviews from the night we’re outstanding. Here are just a few of them; “Excellent and beautifully-presented 4 course meal with a cocktail. Really tasty and fragrant. Perfect hoppers and gotacolla!” and “Superb food. Brilliant service.”

Due to the popularity of the first event we are doing it again on 18 June. To book please call 07846806027.

The generous menu on 21st May was very popular and was as follows;

Cocktail – Ceylon arrack and passion fruit cocktail

Appetisers - Cutlet, Mutton roll, Vegetable roll, Fish Pattis

Starters – Egg and plain hopper with seeni sambal and coconut sambal

Mains – Saffron rice, Ceylon Chicken curry, Dhal curry, Aubergine moju, Tempered beans, Gotukola and cashew fry, and papadum

Dessert – Watalapan

Authentic Sri lankan hoppers

sri lankan lumprais, authentic

Watalapanv- sri lankan dessert,jaggery

To hear more about our upcoming events follow us and get in touch!

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Email –

Tel - 07846806027

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